The Signature Facial : What to expect






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The Signature Facial : What to expect?

Everyone wants flawless and glowing skin. However, sunshine and sweltering heat, can make your skin look dull and dehydrated. Holidays, as glorious as they may be, can really take their toll on your skin leaving you with enlarged pores, dry skin, sun damage and puffiness around the eyes. Not to mention inconsistent skincare routines which leave the skin yearning for additional nutrients. It’s for these particular situations that we have developed the Signature Facial which was designed to meet your skincare needs, but like with everything, consistency is key.

So what to expect?

The Signature Facial starts with a cleanse and a scrub which is followed by a lymphatic drainage massage. Lymph nodes are small structures that help filter out harmful substances in our body. The fluid is called lymph and moves around the lymphatic system. Lymph picks up a harmful substance and takes it to the lymph nodes where the substance is destroyed. However, our lymph nodes  can get blocked. When this happens we experience oedema and at times pain. The massage moves the lymph fluids out of your muscles and into the lymph nodes. Providing instant results. A soothing facial mask is then applied to rehydrate the skin.

Depending on your skincare needs, you may wish to add boosters to your facial. LED light therapy for example is a wonderful booster that helps reduce the signs of ageing, is nutritious for the epidermal and the dermal cells and also speeds up the healing process. There are various colours of LED light, each of which promote a different skincare concern. Blue light helps treat acne and improves circulation, it can also help treat sun damage, whereas green light helps reduce hyperpigmentation, rejuvenates the skin and is anti-inflammatory. Red light on the other hand, stimulates the cells to produce collagen and helps prevent wrinkles. Purple light promotes blood circulation and shrinks pores. Yellow light reduces the appearance of dark spots, blemishes and freckles. Finally white light helps restore your skin by reversing the signs of ageing.

As you near the end of your treatment, Vitamin C is applied to your face to protect the skin from any sun damage. It also helps reduce under eye circles, promote nutrient absorption and hydration. Lastly, an SPF is applied for extra protection.

And the best part about this facial is that it is suitable for all skin types, as our skin care experts tailor the signature facial to your needs.