Keeping skin in check while travelling long haul






Cleanse, lactic peel, steam, extract, hyaluronic sheet mask, vitamin C, retinol, SPF

Keeping skin in check while travelling long haul


Ever noticed before travel how your skin looks and feels?

Traveling at times can equal stress and that’s even before you have left the country, this level of anxiety can make your skin become dry and sensitive resulting in an increase in redness, maybe inflammatory conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Our recommendation 3 days before flying is to book in with one of our beauty therapist for The Pore-Refiner Facial. This deep cleansing facial includes steam, extraction, and LED Light Therapy followed by a hydrating mask, bespoke serum and SPF moisturiser or add The Glow Getter for an oxygenating facial boost.

Having our skin prepped and ready for take off can help in maintaining our skin’s hydration levels. Did you know our skin is comfortable when the humidity is between 40 to 70%? Did you also know, that most airplane cabins are at about 20% and that’s less than half of what we are used to. This lack of humidity and reduced pressure, causes reduces blood flow to our skin, which also dulls our complexion.

Our suggested flight travel pack to put in your carry on luggage:

It’s important to remember what we put into our mouths also affects our skin airport snacks that contain fat sugar and salt are dehydrating and can cause inflammation in the skin. Try and opt for eating healthy meals like fresh fruits and drink plenty of water. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine as these too can dry out your skin and give facial puffiness – puffy eyelids and dark under eye circles. Lack of real movement while flying can result in fluid retention in the body resulting in swollen ankles and feet try to exercise by gently rotating your ankles and if possibly stretch your legs. Finally Sunscreen this is always a must no matter what time of year or where you are, especially when you are on a long haul flight as UV rays are much more intense at a higher altitude and with the air being thinner some harmful UVB rays and UVA rays can still penetrate the surface, especially if seated by the window. Revive, Hydrate and protect your skin always.